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VIVID IMAGING is an advanced technical service and medical device sales company specialized in GE MRI Coils Repair Parts and Service. Our product and services are available throughout key global markets. Our technical service division’s core competencies encompass contrast delivery injectors, MRI coils (RF technology), diagnostic imaging technologies and systems such as x-ray, ultrasound, imager, CR systems. Our medical device sales division offers a full range of product solutions for the diagnostic imaging market.Edit

Company OverviewEdit

Founded as a third-party service company specialized in contrast injector and MRI coil repair, VIVID IMAGING rapidly became the largest independent service provider of its kind. With a global presence, our core competencies and services have expanded to included a wide array of technologies with in the diagnostic and interventional medical device market. Our services encompass field and deport repair and product distribution. With operation centres globally, we offer our client quality produces and service support throughout USA and European Markets. Our ISO certifications underscore our dedication to quality compliance. our clients benefit from detailed documented operating procedures and systems.

Strategic Service PartnershipEdit

VIVID IMAGING provides field and depot based repair services exclusively on behalf of manufactures. Working in partnership with manufacturers, our programs are designed to create a for profit service business that delivers a Best in Class service product to end users. We are unique in the diagnostic imaging space and are the largest company of its kind.

Under our strategic partnership, VIVID IMAGING provides the labor support for installations, preventive & corrective maintenance, applications training, warehousing and distribution logistics. We help create a competitive pricing and service delivery model that ensures Best in Class service while VIVID shoulder’s the labor burden.

Our MissionEdit

To be a Global Market Leader in providing High Quality Service Solutions for Medical Devices. We will accomplish this by:*Partnering with OEM and End Customers

  • Building Strong Technical & Consultative Competencies
  • Focus on Performance Excellence in everything we do
  • Adherence to High Legal and Morale Ethics in all Business interactions
  • Exceeding all required Regulatory requirements as they apply
  • Keeping Commitments to Customers, Employees and Shareholders}

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